Payroll services

Payroll services


Payroll services

You have already set up an entity in the desired country abroad, but are still uncertain or overwhelmed with the local employment regulation, monthly payroll calculations or tax fillings? We at ThisWorks can help you by providing high level of expertise and professionalism with as little input from your side as possible. Our team will identify, collect, set up and process monthly all the necessary data for your employees, make the statutory fillings to the tax authorities and ensure compliance with all the local regulations.

How does it work?

Through our payroll services, we will keep track of all the employees` salaries, additional benefits, pension and social security deductions. With our established model of operations we guarantee that all employees will be processed and paid appropriately each month on your designated date, with little to no obligation from your end. Furthermore we will do all the mandatory monthly and annual tax fillings, as well as the annual tax return for each and every employee, so you can focus on what is most important for your business. Our experienced team is also constantly keeping track for changes in the local labour laws, making sure that all of your employees are compliant with the most up to date legislation requirements.

Even if you already have an entity abroad, but need help with the wages of your personnel, we can help you on your way with our payroll services.

We will take care of the payroll records, make tax declarations and ensure that the right salaries are paid out on the right date.


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Services we offer

Employer of record services

Hire staff abroad compliantly without the need to set up a foreign entity via our employer of record solutions.

Payroll services

We can help you with paying out your staff members compliantly and in time. Experience combined with the best software in the market. We will get the job done.

Work permits

Do you need assistance in obtaining work permits for your international staff members? We have fast-track solutions as a sponsor at the local authorities and are able to get everything sorted within 4 weeks.

Entity setup

Definitely decided to move into a new country? Our legal experts can help you with setting up entities throughout Europe.

Value added services

Relocating your employees: Do they need a company car, a creditcard or housing? We will get it sorted.