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What is Employer of Record (EOR)?


What is Employer of Record (EOR)?

An Employer of Record is a company that serves as the legal employer to your workforce for tax and legal purposes in given jurisdiction. For both domestic and international markets, having an Employer of Records (EOR), would ease the burden on your organization and allow you to focus on your strategic goals. Understanding the complexities of numerous jurisdictions and nation-specific labour law are often too strenuous for companies to handle inhouse, which is where ThisWorks can become an invaluable partner in your journey of success.

How does it work?

Through our spanning network of partners we will help you source the most suitable candidates as per your business specifications. We will take care of all the requirements in relations to visa sponsoring, contracting and registration with the local authorities, housing, accounting and international payroll. Once all of the compliance related responsibilities have been taken care of, the workforce is simply leased back to your company.

Working with ThisWorks gives you access to industry leading support in hiring top talent from anywhere in the world, smooth setup and compliance with local regulations. We also offer 24/7 support to the employees, elevating further the time spent on dealing with local labour standards, and regulatory issues and allowing you to focus on the day-to-day responsibilities and control of the distributed workforce.

What are the benefits of working with/having an employer of record?

In both domestic and international markets, having an Employer of Record provides several advantages to agile organizations. However, dealing with the complexity of numerous jurisdiction and nation-specific employment rules puts a strain on internal and financial resources; most organizations lack the internal resources or knowledge to compliantly hire people from another state or country. Organizations that partner with ThisWorks benefit from industry leading support that provides them with the ability to hire top talent anywhere in the world, bypass additional state registration and prevent foreign entity setups, finally ThisWorks offers 24/7 support to their distributed workforce. Our experts will hire your distributed workforce on your behalf as your Employer of Record. While you keep day-to-day control of your assisted personnel, we handle all risk mitigation, local labor standards, and regulatory issues.

This way, we can assist you quickly and precisely with the deployment of your expats.


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Services we offer

Employer of record services

Hire staff abroad compliantly without the need to set up a foreign entity via our employer of record solutions.

Payroll services

We can help you with paying out your staff members compliantly and in time. Experience combined with the best software in the market. We will get the job done.

Work permits

Do you need assistance in obtaining work permits for your international staff members? We have fast-track solutions as a sponsor at the local authorities and are able to get everything sorted within 4 weeks.

Entity setup

Definitely decided to move into a new country? Our legal experts can help you with setting up entities throughout Europe.

Value added services

Relocating your employees: Do they need a company car, a creditcard or housing? We will get it sorted.