Why use us

Why use us

Ultimately, an EOR is the effective employer of your employees through a chain of contracts, and you “lease” them back from ThisWorks, retaining complete control. An EOR is useful for a variety of HR, administrative, and strategic purposes.



Although the specific reasons vary from country to country and organization to organization, they often include:

  • In-Country legal presence
  • Access to a new market
  • Employment contracts
  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • Visa application
  • Sponsorship applications
  • Health benefits
  • HR
  • Termination requirements
  • Unemployment

Your international needs

An international Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) allows you to enter into a particular country in a legal and cost effective way – no need to cross a time consuming and expensive minefield, covered in red tape, while setting up a NEW company or subsidiary in a NEW country. A PEO will handle all your needs saving you that money and time. We will execute all the local employment contracts, and thus manage your permanent employees and contractors. We will deal with any additional insurance or work permits. Effectively you will be leasing your employees from us in order to access the country of your choice and reduce your operational costs. We can also reduce the cost and time it takes for your exit out of that country if you have achieved your ambitions or if market conditions change unfavourably.

Why pick us as your EOR

  • To oursource of do it yourself?
  • Foreign subsidiary as a service
  • Full-service one-stop-solution


Do you have questions? Please contact Robbert.

Robbert Wille

Sales Manager

Services we offer

Employer of record services

Hire staff abroad compliantly without the need to set up a foreign entity via our employer of record solutions.

Payroll services

We can help you with paying out your staff members compliantly and in time. Experience combined with the best software in the market. We will get the job done.

Work permits

Do you need assistance in obtaining work permits for your international staff members? We have fast-track solutions as a sponsor at the local authorities and are able to get everything sorted within 4 weeks.

Entity setup

Definitely decided to move into a new country? Our legal experts can help you with setting up entities throughout Europe.

Value added services

Relocating your employees: Do they need a company car, a creditcard or housing? We will get it sorted.