About us

Company Culture

Our company culture is quite unique, we would say very sociable where many languages and cultures come together. Although our main internal communication language is Dutch, combined we can communicate fluently in English, German, Spanish, Indonesian and Polish. We are still working on our Czech, Slovenian, French and Philippine but the base is there.

Our main mission is that our internal staff members are well taken care off. When they are happy, good vibes will be automatically transferred to our clients and end-clients. The rest will follow naturally.


Our working space

Since we work with a very diverse professional group of young people and nationalities it is very important to respect each others values and ethics. There is no place for hierarchy in our office, we treat all individuals equally and that makes our working place a nice and warm place to be. We all take our job seriously and as long as honesty, integrity and accountability are granted. There is also time to joke around. We have our weekly casual Friday afternoon drink and staff trip every 6 months. Staff is everything!

How do we take the administrative strain off your company?

By becoming the registered employer of your workforce, we make sure to legally comply your company with all the various international regulations and taxes. This enables your smooth path for growth without you having to set up a local entity in the particular country of your choice. By utilising our vast international network of connections and years of experience, we can help your company entering into new worldwide markets and opportunities. You can also gain preferential rates and benefits within them, we can even act as company sponsors for necessary work permits if required.