Jurgen op den Camp

Financial Director

Since completing his accounting studies, Financial Director and co-owner Jurgen has been passionately active in financial business services. Jurgen worked for a number of years at an accountancy firm and later continued as an independent entrepreneur.

He uses expertise in a flexible way to fully assist entrepreneurs in financial, fiscal and organizational matters. He is responsible for the back office and financial administration of ThisWorks.



He regularly discusses developments in the financial and tax field with colleagues and business relations. Of course, he also periodically attends classes to keep his knowledge up-to-date. “ThisWorks distinguishes itself by its drive to arrive at the optimal solution for all parties together, in a transparent and informal manner, where no challenge is too great and we do not think in standard boxes. All this based on the idea: together we are strong and we achieve more.” Jurgen enjoys all the beauty that life has to offer, among other things by being very active in local associations.