Paternity leave

Paternity leave

In the Netherlands equal pay- and equal treatment is an important topic in the political calendar. Luckily for partners of newborns, the government has created more quality time for partners to enjoy quality time with their children.

Since the start of 2019, partners are able to take a week of paid leave, within 4 weeks after the child is born. The employer continues to pay the salary during this week. Next to the ‘regular’ birth leave, there is also an additional birth leave since the 1st of July 2020. Partners of newborns can take a maximum of 5 weeks of additional birth leave.

Luckily for the employer, the government will grant a benefit for the partner, without obliging the employer to continue to pay the salary. This benefit consists of 70% of their salary, or 70% of the ‘Max SV Salary’ if it is higher than the so called ‘Max SV Salary’. The partner must take the additional birth leave within 6 months after the birth of the child. Furthermore, the additional leave has no influence on the accrual of (statutory minimum) holidays and holiday pay.

At ThisWorks, we fully support the plans of the government to give fathers more quality time with their newborns!

If you are about to have a child and if you want to learn the full details of the subject, please reach out to us!